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Probably slumbers untapped potential in your team. We help you to discover it and use it. Our team of trainers are experienced in dealing with situations in the team's unusual and classic everyday problems. We will gladly assist you in optimizing group dynamics, in the development of organizational structures or in the facilitation of workshops. Below you will find reference to classical situations of some examples of our work. We develop every solution individually tailored to your situation - planned in advance or dynamically.


Your business has grown rapidly in a short time and you want your team to intensively live the company's values?

Together we will develop with each staff an individual  model for personal and professional actions. We will bring these goals with the central Leading image of your company in line. Thereafter we set  the ideals and goals of your company in practical tasks in our Outdoor Center. On this occasion, the employees learn to not just only memorize the values  - but learn to live with and feel them.

In your profession there are strong seasonal loads, which are perceived by many employees as stress?

In a workshop we conduct joint research for the causes , which burdens your team, which lead to unnecessary frictional loss and therefore to stress at work. Once we have worked out together what stress is and how negative stress is converted into positive energy, we look for solutions to resolve these points of friction. Together we are committed to intensively settle it out  in the Outdoor Center.

You stand with your team facing big challenges and want to motivate all stakeholders to rise to the challenge?

As a team we define the content and timing of the tasks ahead and develop the way to cope with these tasks. With situations that promote team spirit, we lay the foundation for your path.

You want to change awareness of quality in your team?

In the Outdoor Center, we have developed together with University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück a course which specifically deals with the issue of quality. At each stations, groups learn to talk about agonyty and quality of life.

In addition, there are many other situations in a team where a team training is useful, for example: 

.... If you restructure your business, want to include your employees in the development of new processes or get them excited about a new project.

... If you want to improve communication between different departments or different hierarchies.

We develop the right concept with you. Talk to us! 

Outdoor Center BEVER LAND, Tel 02532/95680, info (at) beverland.de

[Translate to English:] Wir entwickeln mit Ihnen gemeinsam das richtige Konzept. Sprechen Sie uns an!

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