• Angus Rinder Beverland

Our Angus cattle graze in their herd all year round on the meadows around the Beverland. The flesh of our cattle is distinguished by special delicacy. We achieve this because we can grow the animals slowly, so they have enough time for a healthy and gentle meat structure.

At the same time, we rely on traditional farming. This means for example that all calves grow up with their mothers. They are weaned from cows with healthy breast milk and eat later, as the other animals too, only fresh, lush grass. The result of our breeding is a very special gourmet meat, which is characterized by tender texture, special delicacy and good marbling. We achieve this quality through the natural attitude and the natural feeding - but also by the gentle and hofnahe slaughter.

We finish the meat followed by the so-called "hanging out". The meat halves ripen in special cold rooms to the fullest flavor and highest delicacy. The careful processing of gourmet meat in our kitchen is a further guarantee of very high quality, who appreciate our chef and his team, and you will taste. By natural attitude the meat retains its tender, succulent taste of its own even after frying.

Enjoy the flesh of our Angus cattle as classic beef steaks, as Frühstückswürtchen or Giant burger with hand-shaped patties. You can experience the fresh preparation of the meat in our Beverland in "Siemons's Teppanyaki" cooking and at our events.