• Team Beverland

About us

In many small steps to success - so the Beverland has arisen. From the first Bosseltour twelve years ago today the Beverland groups resort has become - the premier destination for group travel, meetings and team trainings in Münsterland. We offer package deals, tailor-made individual trips and quality events for groups. With our "Block" principle, our guests can choose their individual program in advance of many building blocks themselves.

The Landhotel Beverland with 62 individually themed rooms in common with the Hof Beverland, the restaurant "Kaseinwerk" and the gourmet restaurant "Siemon's Teppanyaki" part of Beverland Group Resorts.
We treat our guests with a true warmth. On a personal level, we very near luefern a remarkably good service with a top quality. To meet the needs of our guests and groups to solve individual problems each employee actively contributes in its sphere of influence responsibility.

We live a friendly, reliable and courteous cooperation. Not only among themselves, but also in dealing with our guests. At a personal and human appreciative treatment is important for us that we offer our guests the  "you".

We stand for the region in which we live and work, and we feel closely associated with her. So we use and promote the opportunities and potentials of the region. On changes we are responding with innovations and market-oriented corporate governance.

We want your stay at the Beverland is an experience for you. Through constant innovations, the development of infrastructure and the continuous life of our values, we want to always provide you with the maximum experience value. In times of change of the target groups and needs, we adapt our offer again and again to meet your wishes.