BEVERLAND Gruppen-Resort
Beverlandplatz 1 (for Navi: Schlichtenfelde 22)
48346 Ostbevern

... by bus and train

The Landhotel Beverland has its own train station, which is directly on the railway line Muenster - is Osnabrück.


The station Ostbevern-Brock can be reached by train every half hour. The main station Münster nine minutes from the central station Osnabrück is 25 minutes away. Train tickets are available at the hotel. - Anreiseformular

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...with the BEVERLAND Card

With the Beverland Card you can travel to us from anywhere in the Münsterland for free.


No matter in what place in the cathedral country the participants live, the Beverland card brings with public transport (public transport) is sent direct to your home in Münsterland - even at night.

We will send you the free Beverland card sent to you before your arrival by mail.

... by car or bus

If you use a navigation system to arrive, enter the street "Schlichtenfelde 22", so you find the hotel in any case.


The Landhotel Beverland is conveniently located between Münster and Osnabrück on the county road between Ostbevern and Ostbevern-Brock and is now one of the top addresses for any type of meeting and team training, wedding and group trip to the Münsterland. plane

The country hotel is easily accessible from the Münster-Osnabrück (FMO) Airport in about 15 minutes.


We are happy to offer you on request to an airport shuttle. bicycle

If you are traveling by bicycle to us are your wheels securely in our bike garage.


We are happy to transport your wheels from Landhotel Beverland to your desired destination, so you can cycle from one place of your choice to us. If you want to start your tour at the Beverland, we can pick your wheels from home, so that you can travel by another mode of transportation to us.