Trainee Kickoff

Trainee kickoff in BEVERLAND

Patience, perseverance and introducing new things, mutual support, identifying and overcoming the own borders - these are all virtues that are in demand especially in the training. In addition to the technical and methodological knowledge that have a big role in every buisness.
With our "Trainee Kickoff" tune your apprentices early on which guiding objectives of the company, they erect from fear of contact, prepare for everyday life in the team and helps them to identify themselves early with the company.

Our "kick-off" for your apprentices take one to three days. We train realistically everyday work and tackle issues and challenges of working processes. With this balanced mix of theory and practice, we convey important content easily and sustainably. Whether you want to start with the first year or all years, which themes and content , our concept are flexible designed for three years of training.

Many individual modules are available, including:

  • Principles and rules of cooperation 
  • Team work and team building 
  • Health at Work 
  • Dealing with Stress 
  • Detect and resolve conflicts 
  • Social skills and etiquette 
  • No contradiction 
  • Dealing with customers, colleagues and superiors

The topics are content prepared in the seminar room and put into practice in various outdoor activities. All this is topped off with group activities on the subject of catering : We bake pizza or quiche, conjure in our Kocharena a four-course meal, grill at campfires or cook a Erdbraten .

With our trainee kickoff we create experiences and promote the development of your apprentices sustainable.

The socio-occupational success of many participants from the past few years confirms the correctness of our training concept. Ask us!

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