Muenster folk are not only enthusiastic cyclists. Around the BEVERLAND groups resort we offer a variety of sports. We have created three running tracks around the Landhotel BEVERLAND. For horsemen, the area offers interesting destinations for a horseback ride - and for cyclists the BEVER LAND is ideally well known.


Horse riding trails all around BEVER LAND

The BEVERLAND is located directly on the Münster-Horse riding route. The section Munster - Greven - Ostbevern leads to 132 kilometers through the idyllic countryside between Greven and Ostbevern. Characteristic for this area is the picturesque water meadows of Bever and Ems. In the immediate vicinity of the Landhotel BEVERLAND there are numerous places to visit. In Telgte is the former manor house Langen: The castle, proven to be over 1000 years old, impressed by it´s ring wall with double, sometimes even triple ditch. Like the nearby Double Mill House Langen is a popular motif for painters, artists and photographers - and also one of many beautiful destinations for riders.


Running, jogging, walking 

Three signposted running trails lead around the BEVERLAND. The routes with a length of two and a half, seven or ten kilometers you can combine as you like. All lead on agricultural roads and streets,, almost no slope and gradient. Therefore, they are suitable not only for running, but also for skating, walking or cycling.


Cycle network route beaver

The BEVERLAND is a dream destination for cyclists. The region not only captivates by its nature, but also with their water Castles, Palaces and Monasteries.. The cycle network "Bieber Route" with five different routes 18 to 27 kilometers in length, leads directly to the Landhotel BEVER LAND. For your bike tour, we can equip you like with rent bikes and maps. With advance notice, we can also provide you e-bikes. If you want to take a break in your tour on the flat Münsterland parkland, you can order packed lunches and beverage trailer in advance.